Chevy Bolt Car of the Year

No matter how far you come in the world its always good to take time and look back at how far you've come.

We here at EverCharge couldn't agree with this sentiment more as often times its easy it get lost in the here and now, forgetting all the amazing accomplishments that have happened within the company and our industry. This is a quick look back on how far EverCharge and the EV industry has come this year.

New Year, New EVs

NextEV Supercar NIO EP9

2016 started with a bang for EverCharge and the EV industry as CES gave us a glimpse into the future. Not only did we get to see the first of many Tesla competitors, Faraday Future's new concept, but we got our first look at the fully-electric Chevy Bolt. Both impressed in their own way (although the Bolt in a much more realistic one) it was clear that the auto industry was making a serious push toward longer-range electric vehicles.

Over the year we have seen countless automotive companies, some startups and some industry cornerstones, introducing plans for fully electric automobiles. In fact, nearly every major automotive company introduced not one but multiple concepts designed specifically toward knocking Tesla off the top. While Chevy is taking the first crack, there is a long line queueing up behind them.

Speak of long lines, we also got to see the long-awaited Tesla Model 3 and it did not disappoint. Loading up nearly 400,000 reservations in the first week the Model 3 proved that if automakers commit to long-range, lower-priced EVs the general public will line up around the block to get them.

Awards and Broken Records

Tesla Line For Model 3

When the new year started no one would be able to predict the deluge of awards claimed by EVs, let alone the long-standing records they would begin to smash.

Tesla pushed the perceptions of the public by breaking Consumer Reports grading metric back in 2015, but no one could have predicted how that would translate into sales. By April this year Tesla became the top-selling luxury car in Europe beating out Mercedes and BMW in their own back yard. Not long after the company became the first automaker ever to garner 400,000 pre-orders on the Model 3. To further complicate things

While Tesla grabbed early headlines others caught. up and by year's end the Chevy Bolt was named Motor Trends Car of the Year while EverCharge was being named a Top 3 Automotive Startup.

Billion Dollar Investments

Billion dollar EV startups

EVs were certainly pushed to the forefront of both the automotive and technology industries, bringing with them billions of dollars in funding. While EverCharge secured a relatively small investment in 2015, its nothing compared to the massive investments we saw this year.

Tesla spawned a brand new market sector in a way and this year saw that market balloon in size. Faraday Future, Lucid Motors, NextEV, even the brought-back-from-the-dead Fisker saw billions invested attempting to cash in on the hot market trend. It's true that some of these companies are now in financial trouble, most seem ready to take the next step and release an EV to the public.

2017 and beyond is shaping up to be a very crowded and diverse EV market and all this has us extremely excited for the coming year. EverCharge and the industry as a whole have made huge steps over the past year and its clear that next year is going to be even bigger still. So have a happy holiday break, we can't wait to share with you what we have planned next.