Best EV Charger

Electric Vehicles have a problem.

A perception problem.

EVs are more closely related to your iPhone than they are to a typical combustion engine vehicle.

Many who buy or are thinking of buying an EV still see these the same was as standard gas-powered vehicles. Its not their fault, as a society we have been collectively driving the same way for more than 100 years. We understand we need to get every last drop out of our gas tank before we fill up again.

The fact is, EVs are a brand new innovation and, as such, everything has to be re-learned.

Treat Your EV Like Your Phone

Intelligent EV Charging Systems

At this point 90% of the world has a smartphone. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but most of us have no issues charging a phone up every night before we go to sleep. Even if its not low we know that if it's going to last us through tomorrow it needs to be topped up tonight.

EVs are the same way, while rapid charging stations are available they shouldn’t be seen as an all-the-time solution, in fact, doing this repeatedly is hard on the batteries. Rapid charging should be used more for long distance and emergency scenarios. Its fine every now and then, but using it as an exclusive solution is never recommended.

Just like your phone, your EV wants power just not in one large dump. The better solution for you and your EV is to power it up whenever possible, meaning feel free to plug it in every night because that’s what it wants.

Start thinking in kWh not MPG

MPG vs kWh

The miles per gallon (MPG) rating has been around for a long time, and it's hard not to think about it when looking at vehicles. However, this rating is not applicable to EVs and the range of a vehicle really depends on how you drive.

A 300-mile range is great, however if you’ve got the pedal to the floor you might find that range start taking a nose dive. Funny enough this is the same in standard gas vehicles. No matter what you drive if you want to go the furthest you’ll need to lay off the accelerator.

If you want the best of either MPG or kWh you might want to stay within 10MPH of the posted speed limit.
Its not just for safety it will save your bank account too.

Make Charging Work For You

Gas powered vehicles run until empty before they need a fill up, but EVs are much better suited to charge whenever you have the time. That's why its essential to make your charging time work for you.

Having to drive around town looking for a station is a pain, and finding one thats not in use can be even more difficult. That's when you need to find a solution and that usually means a dedicated system just for you.

While some see it as an added expense its not, you wouldn't by an iPhone with out owning a charger would you? Would you buy a MacBook if you had to walk it around the corner to charge it up everyday? You probably wouldn't. So make sure you have all the essentials to make your EV experience exactly what its meant to be.

All things being equal, EVs aren’t much different than your average iPhone, they need power often, there is usually more than enough to last you the day, and make sure you charge up when its convenient for you.