Motiv and EverCharge Team Up to Optimize Fleet Charging

December 01, 2021


EverCharge, Partnership, Fleets, Press Release

Motiv Medium-Duty EV trucks and buses to bundle EverCharge manufactured Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations into Motiv Energy charging solutions

The Importance of Financial Transparency in EV Charging

February 26, 2021


Problem Solver, Level 2 Charging, Charging, CDFA

We are no longer debating if electric vehicles will take off but with such rapid growth, some important things had fallen through the cracks, specifically how much you’re really paying per kWh.

SmartPower: The Solution to EV Charging Everywhere

October 27, 2020



There’s a very simple reason electric vehicle charging isn’t everywhere. Our parking spaces, garages, nor city streets were ever designed to power our vehicles. This means in most places that you park your car there isn’t much available power.

Turns Out EVs Cost Far Less Than Their Gas Counterparts

October 12, 2020


EVs, Solar, EV Charging, Renewable Energy, EV Sales

Electric vehicles have been saddled with some pretty big myths over the past decade all of which have been proven time and again as false. Now a new study has emerged that proves EVs are far cheaper to own than that of a gas powered alternative.

EVs are Proving Their Worth Thanks to Climate Change

August 27, 2020


EVs, Renewable Energy, Tesla, EV Sales, Climate Change

With California wildfires raging, Hurricane Laura ripping through the south, and another hottest summer on record around the corner its time that we push renewable energy and electric vehicles into the forefront.

How Converting Old Buildings to EV Ready is Easy with EverCharge [CASE STUDY]

July 01, 2020


EVs, Charging, EverCharge, case study

The majority of Americans who live in multifamily housing, typically reside in older buildings that simply don't have enough available power to support an EV charger.

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