New Partnership Brings Public EV Charging to the Masses

June 16, 2020


Public Charging, EV Charging, EverCharge, Partnership, Volta

The partnership places EverCharge’s SmartPower technology into Volta’s award-winning stations. This allows Volta to add intelligent power-sharing load management reducing station-related infrastructure costs.

What is Power Management and Why is it Important For the Growth of EVs

February 09, 2020


Power Management, smartpower, EVSE, EverCharge

By managing power and maximizing the charging infrastructure by dynamically distributing available power. With EverCharge, not only do you avoid unnecessary costs you also avoid expensive infrastructure upgrades.

SmartPower Makes EV Fleets Supercharged

February 02, 2020


EverCharge, Fleets, Charging, Buses, Commerical

With UPS ordering a massive 10,000 EVs from relative unknown Arrival, Tesla raking up massive pre-orders for its Semi, and even the steady growth of electric busses show that corporate fleet operators are starting to see the real benefits of owning EVs.

Electric Vehicles Deserve Better

December 16, 2019


Electric Vehicle, Tesla, EVs

With Tesla continuing to ride hide on the back of the Model 3, gobbling up 77% of total EV sales in November, the logical questions are why are the other automotive OEMs failing to gain any market share and how can they stop Tesla's dominance?

The Cybertruck Might Not Be For Everyone, But Its Hiding One Huge Feature In Plain Sight

December 03, 2019


Elon Musk proudly walked out on stage after months of hype to show off his "Blade Runner" inspired Cybertruck. After revealing the futuristic angular design and a few window breaking gaffes later the dust has finally settled and the world can now begin to fully digest what they've just seen.

How EverCharge and Pacific Current Are Solving Multifamily Home Charging in Hawaii

November 18, 2019


EVSE, EverCharge, EV Charging, Apartments, Hawaii

If you're one of the millions of people around the world who live in multifamily housing and want to own an electric vehicle you've probably run in to plenty of problems getting charging. However, EverCharge's new partnership aims to solve this problem once and for all.

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