EverCharge Moves on to the 1776 Challenge Cup Finals

March 11, 2015


Launch Festival, Challenge Cup, 1776, Electric Vehicle

Last week was a big one for us: after a week of showcasing what EverCharge has to offer at San Francisco's Launch Festival, we were asked to compete in 1776's Challenge Cup in the Transportation & Cities category. The Challenge Cup is an annual global competition that invites for-profit start-ups to

Press Release: EverCharge Expands Nationwide

February 09, 2015


Press Release: February 9, 2015 For Immediate Release EverCharge Expands To Provide Vehicle Charging In Shared Parking Garages Nationwide San Francisco, CA, Feb 9th, 2015 - As Electric Vehicles (EV) grow in popularity it has become commonplace for multi-tenant buildings to be faced with the issue of how to support

Having Trouble Charging Your EV at Home?

February 09, 2015


EverCharge, EV Charging, Electric Vehicle, Nissan Leaf

EverCharge exists to make charging in multi-tenant properties possible, safe, and efficient. Without it, Electric Vehicle owners who live in multi-tenant properties are forced to come up with unsafe charging solutions. Take this Nissan Leaf owner, for example. In this photo alone we can see: * A parking violation * Multiple fire

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