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Press Release: February 9, 2015

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EverCharge Expands To Provide Vehicle Charging In Shared Parking Garages Nationwide

San Francisco, CA, Feb 9th, 2015 - As Electric Vehicles (EV) grow in popularity it has become commonplace for multi-tenant buildings to be faced with the issue of how to support resident requests for EV charging in shared parking garages. As demand increases how will your building provide a scalable solution to your residents? Do you understand your available power infrastructure and are you in a position to maximize the buildings potential?

In the past, properties have looked the other way while residents charge off 110v outlets, dismissed EV requests, or allowed residents to setup chargers off common area power. These residents are potentially stealing power from the building, creating fire hazards, and blockading EV growth potential by occupying all available power. This will make expensive infrastructure upgrades necessary sooner. Ultimately, you are in need of a comprehensive charging solution that addresses short- and long-term demand while being a win for both you and your residents. EverCharge makes charging at multi-tenant properties possible.

Customer Quote, BMW owner: ”Evercharge offers a charging solution that keeps the initial installation costs affordable. The billing is automatic and requires the minimum work from the HOA.”

Launched in 2012, EverCharge has solved the EV charging needs of condominiums and apartment developments including signature buildings in Miami and San Francisco. Now with years of experience EverCharge has expanded nationwide.

EverCharge provides a scalable, fully managed charging solution to HOA, building owners and residents while increasing charging capacity by up to 10x through proprietary power management technology. We handle the entire process from beginning to end.

Evercharge consists of:

  • Dedicated wall mounted charger
  • Power management technology
  • Liability insurance coverage
  • HOA reimbursement for power
  • Included support and maintenance
  • End-to-end service that completely manages everything from installation to permitting.

In summary EverCharge provides an essential service to residents, costs the HOA nothing, requires no oversight of installs or permitting, carries liability coverage, reimburses for power consumed, and expands the available power capacity of the building to support demand for many years into the future.

Customer Quote, Tesla Owner: ”Thank you Evercharge, no one else can do what you do and without your charging services I would not have been able to keep my Tesla”.

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