We talk all the time about how Evercharge can save your building money, lets put some hard numbers to this statement by going through three of our most common building scenarios.

1 ) Building with Extra Electrical Capacity

Assume your property has 200 amps of available 208v power that can be designated for EV charging. As EV demand grows how will the building ensure there are enough chargers to go around?

Our competitors traditional charging systems block power continuously, regardless if they are actually being used. That means the 200 available amps can only support six 30 amp chargers. Astoundingly this number gets cut down to 2 chargers when you start talking about 50 amp chargers. With EverCharge's Smart Power 200 amps of 3 phase power can be used to serve 25-30 EV chargers, a 300% increase!

All too often we encounter buildings that have allowed residents to install their own chargers and find after 2 or 3 installations the power is gone and expensive upgrades to the tune of $20K-$80K are needed to support any additional residents.

A bowl of bananas

  1. No 208v or 240v Power - New Transformer Required

Alright so you don‘t have any 208 or 240v power available in the building but you have 480v and room for a transformer. On average, after about $8K-$15k later, you have a 75 kVa transformer and around 200 amps available. Now we find ourselves back in scenario 1. Your investment now can either help a maximum of 6 residents or 25+ with EverCharge SmartPower.

Real story: A 329 unit luxury apartment located in California unknowingly allowed 3 residents to install 100 amp charge stations in the garage. When the fourth EV showed up they were quoted $35,000 to bring in additional electricity by the service provider. Needless to say this was highly cost prohibitive. Using Smart Power technology, EverCharge could have used the original infrastructure to support 35-45 vehicles!

Maxed Electrical

  1. No Power Left In The Building

Heres where things get interesting. So you maxed out your 240v panel, you're out of 480v power or didn‘t have any and need to bring in new electrical service. You call your provider and ask to get new electrical service. Well, thats going to be $20-$80k depending on the provider and building size. Hmmm.

It is imperative to intelligently use all of your available resources so you don't end up in scenario 3. EverCharge SmartPower helps make this possible.