EverCharge does a lot to help your building get the most out of its existing infrastructure, easily saving customers thousands on installs, but it does a lot more.

Our technology intelligently manages power and maximizes the charging infrastructure by dynamically distributing available power in the most efficient way possible. With EverCharge, not only would you avoid unnecessary costs such as overcapacity fees, but you also avoid expensive infrastructure upgrades meaning you’ll not only get the most out of your charging stations but you'll also save a lot of money in the process.

SmartPower Technology

SmartPower is an indispensable feature for buildings that offers charging stations the ability to communicate with each other and use power in the most efficient way possible.

Operating a charging stations requires the building to carry the cumulative sum of the total capacity of these charging stations. SmartPower distributes the available power capacity dynamically over all active charging stations. In doing so, it ensures that optimal charging is provided to each vehicle at any location, within the limits of your buildings power capacity. By dynamically moving power between vehicles, EverCharge can install more stations for a far lower cost than anyone else.


Sample scenario:

Your building has a maximum of 100A available. A traditional Level 2 charger provides 30A of power meaning your building can install three charging stations before new electrical service is brought in. Depending on the garage this additional service can range anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000+ and in some cases is financially impossible. However using SmartPower, EverCharge can install 10-15+ charging stations on that same 100A all by dynamically balancing the power and sending it to where its needed most. Meaning not only are buildings charging needs covered for the foreseeable future, but they also avoid those costly service upgrades too.


Dashboard is the perfect tool for property managers and residents alike.

To save time and effort, EverCharge not only conveniently gathers the power usage from the charging stations within a single cloud-based management platform it also takes care of automatic billing and reimbursements so residents, HOAs, and property managers don't have to worry about calculating this on their own.

EverCharge charging stations communicate between each other and send data back to our cloud system, enabling the chargers to monitor the power used on a per resident basis, bill them accordingly, and reimburse the property manager or HOA automatically. Residents can view their usage and pay their bill conveniently, while removing the added task to property managers and/or HOAs in trying to monitor and collect payment.

Sample scenario:

EverCharge has installed 10 charging stations at your property. With a traditional charging system, each one of these chargers would need a meter installed taking up wall space and adding yet another cost. With EverCharge all power monitoring is built-in, and because all that data is tracked and stored on the cloud HOAs and property managers don't need to worry about trying to keep track of what they owe or how they can collect. Everything happens automatically so customers can focus on more important things.

Avoid TOU and Peak Hours


During each charging session, power consumption may run past the peak consumption available. This means that when you exceed your peak consumption your network operator will change your billing tier and charge you a far higher utility rate for that. It doesn't end there, once you're in a higher tier you'll stay their until the next billing cycle. EverCharge completely prevents this. As soon as you threaten to reach peak consumption, EverCharge will automatically reduce the consumption of a charging session ensuring that your building avoids running over.

While this might not be an issue for single-family homes, it can be very problematic for multi-family buildings like apartments and condos. By avoiding the peak consumption charges, EverCharge saves everyone money on their monthly bills.

Sample Scenario:

Our friends over at Wattblock did a study in a 100 unit building that had 100% EV adoption with and without power management ie. SmartPower and the findings are pretty amazing. Leveraging our technology essentially eliminates the demand charges. As you can see without power management demand peaked at 666kW (an unintentionally ominous number I'm sure), whereas using power management made peak demand a mere 447kW.


This is the most extreme scenario of 100% EVs and one that will take years to fully achieve, yet it's clear to see that power management effectively eliminated the peak demand. Now imagine for a second that this wasn't just a single building leveraging EverCharge technology but rather an entire city. It's easy to see just how effective SmartPower can be.