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What does 300 mile range really get you?

August 24, 2016


EVs, Range Anxiety, Tesla, Electric Cars, Bolt, Model 3, Electric Vehicle

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Why You Need To Stop Worring About Range

Is range anxiety the scourge of EV drivers everywhere? The answer, in short, is not even close. Sure you'll hear the odd story from someone who bought a first generation Nissan Leaf and stress out every day driving home from work about being able to make it, but those stories

5 (More) Things EV Buyers Should Know

Nearly 400,000 of you paid $1,000 to Tesla for a Model 3 reservation, for many of you the Model 3 will be the first EV you ever own and before you sit behind the wheel there are 5 things you should know. Maintenance Be Gone Electric vehicles have

Tesla's Gigafactory Is A Bigger Game Changer Than You Think

For years Elon and Co. have been touting all the possibilities its gigafactory provides the company. With its looming completion, the gigafactory just solved one of Tesla’s biggest problems, scalability. Even though Tesla feels like a large company, in truth it's still just a startup and like every startup

Chevy Bolt vs. Tesla Model 3: Which EV is right for you?

April 11, 2016


Tesla, Model 3, EVs, Chevy, Chevrolet, GM, Bolt, Volt

Let’s face facts, after Tesla’s huge week to the turn of 325,000+ Model 3 reservations it's no secret we are entering a new era in vehicular transportation. Many of those individuals who first plunked down the $1000 dollars did so without ever seeing the actual car, making

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