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The Future of Mobility: Long Range EVs

As we continue looking at the changing mobility landscape, you can read our previous installments about wireless charging here and here we decided to peer into the future of long range EVs. How much range do we truly need? Quite a lot has been made of EV driving ranges, specifically

In Just Under Seven Minutes, NIO Proved EVs are Here to Stay

May 18, 2017


NextEV, Tesla, Concept Cars, Electric Cars, Innovation, NIO

If it wasn't obvious yet it should be now, EVs are here to stay and will overtake the entire auto industry. In a mere 6 minutes and 45.90 seconds, NIO broke the famed Nürburgring test track single lap record. Leaving in its dust Lamborghini, Porche, Nissan, Mercedes, Dodge, and

Building the Future of EVs: CES and Beyond

January 11, 2016


EVs, Chevy, GM, Tesla, Chevrolet, Faraday, Faraday Future, FF, Concept Cars

The Consumer Electronics Show has always been the gateway to the near future (or pseudo-future depending on who you ask). The hottest startups and established electronics makers converge in Las Vegas to showcase what’s just around the bend for our homes, offices and lives. While this year brought us

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