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EVs Are Here to Stay, Now What?

Electric vehicles reached a worldwide total of 3.2 million electric vehicles. EVs now make up over 1% of the global vehicle market it goes without saying that EVs are clearly here to stay.

What Happens When Electric Cars Are Everywhere

When the first Tesla roadster was delivered in 2008 only a few visionaries could see where the automotive industry was headed. By the time the Tesla Model 3 was announced it was clear that electric cars were not going anywhere. By 2020 an estimated 20 million or more will be

Tesla Doesn't Need to Worry About Their Recent Production Drop

July 06, 2017


Tesla, Supercharger, DC Fast, Charging Station

Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash Plain and simple, this past week was huge for Tesla. First Tesla started releasing some very exciting delivery numbers, even with a slight drop from Q1 to Q2 Tesla is still up 53% compared to the same time last year. While the slight decrease is

3 Reasons The EV Charging Station You Need Already Exists

There is a lot of press surrounding EVs lately, with the recent (and award-winning) release of the Chevy Bolt to the upcoming release of the hotly anticipated Tesla Model 3 it's easy to see the excitement around this newly formed industry. However much excitement and intrigue, a significant portion of

The Future of Mobility: Long Range EVs

As we continue looking at the changing mobility landscape, you can read our previous installments about wireless charging here and here we decided to peer into the future of long range EVs. How much range do we truly need? Quite a lot has been made of EV driving ranges, specifically

The Future of Mobility - Ultra-Rapid Charging

Continuing our look at the rapidly changing mobility landscape (you can read our previous installment about wireless charging here) we decided to see the feasibility of ultra-rapid charging. The real question is, do we need it? Charging is consistently the throne in the side of the EV market. While current

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