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EV Adoption Hits The Accelerator

May 31, 2018


EV Sales, China, EVs, Electric Cars

After years of overestimating the market it seems that EV adoption has finally started to take off, and the market is accelerating faster than ever

Yes, Electric Cars Are Clean and Getting Cleaner

May 15, 2018


Renewable Energy, EV Charging, EVs, Electric Cars

Electric cars get an extremely high volume of naysayers. Originally, electric cars were seen as slow, short-range, small and impractical. As each of these complaints have fallen by the wayside those same naysayers have scrambled to find some reason that electric cars should be put to pasture.

Is 2018 The Year of the Electric Car?

December 27, 2017


Tesla, Electric Cars, Model 3, Bolt, Public Charging, EverCharge, Used Cars

We didn't see a full blown revolution of our automotive industry, there's a growing movement around the world to put a deadline on the life of the internal combustion engine.

5 Myths About Electric Cars Debunked

When looking at the latest auto news it's nearly impossible to escape electric cars. The fact is the industry is changing and electric cars are the catalyst. With some major cities looking to ban gas vehicles (and the entire nation of China), most automakers have announced plans to create more

Why Oil and Gas Are About to Die

October 18, 2017


EVs, Government, EV Sales, Europe, Electric Cars, China, Start Ups

The writing is on the wall for the Oil and Gas Industry. Tesla is destroying performance records and setting new standards on automotive pre-orders. General Motors has released its first long-range EV to rave reviews, every major automotive manufacturer staked a claim to commit to building multiple new EVs, and

Here's How Every City Can Go All-in on Electric Cars

EVs are headed to the forefront of the automotive industry. Every automotive manufacturer is scrambling to release multiple EVs in the coming years and some countries are attempting to outlaw internal combustion vehicles entirely. However, is 100% electric even possible?

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