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The Numbers Are In, Automakers Should Be Worried

September 27, 2018


EV Sales, China, USA, Europe

The end of days for traditional gas powered vehicles isn't here yet but things aren't looking up and if things continue the way they are electric vehicles are going to take over the auto industry much faster than anticipated.

Why Oil and Gas Are About to Die

October 18, 2017


EVs, Government, EV Sales, Europe, Electric Cars, China, Start Ups

The writing is on the wall for the Oil and Gas Industry. Tesla is destroying performance records and setting new standards on automotive pre-orders. General Motors has released its first long-range EV to rave reviews, every major automotive manufacturer staked a claim to commit to building multiple new EVs, and

The rEVolution Explained

May 10, 2017


EVSE, Tesla, China, Europe, USA, EV Charging, Model 3, EverCharge

We’ve already talked about how China is leading the charge in the future of EV, but now we are starting to see the rest of the globe following suit. Almost daily, stories are coming out about more car companies joining the electric vehicle revolution, creating better batteries, and decreasing

How GM's Deal WIth Peugeot is a Huge Win

March 07, 2017


GM, Chevy, Europe, Electric Cars, EV Sales, Opel, PSA

General Motors is finally throwing in the towel on the EU. After 18 years struggling to turn a profit the automotive giant is taking a step back from Europe. GM announced Monday that it would sell its Opel and Vauxhall brands to Peugeot for $2.3 billion. Signaling a stronger

Advice to Automakers: How to Win with Electric

Guest Post by Ross Douglas from Autonomy, Europe's leading future mobility event The automotive industry is betting big on electric vehicles: * Christian Senger, head of e-mobility at Volkswagen, says they want to be the first car company to produce 1 million EVs. * The head of R&D at Daimler, Thomas

INFOGRAPHIC: Worldwide EV Sales Are On The Move

February 14, 2017


China, USA, Electric Vehicle, infographic, EV Sales, Europe

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