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Smart Cities Need Smart Governments

Right now we are in a moment of disruption, nearly every industry is up for grabs as a wave of new technological developments crash down on long-standing establishments. In all this new growth, government oversight has failed to keep up. The bottom-line: for cities to truly become smart, government has

Why Are We Asking For Public Chargers?

According to a recent study 97% of short range EV drivers (read: everything but a Tesla) do all of their charging at home or work, where available. So why is there a huge push among non-EV drivers for a larger public network? Public networks are expensive to build out especially

Is Multifamily Housing The Forgotten EV Market?

June 06, 2016


EVs, EVSE, EverCharge, EV Charging, multifamily

As the market leader in EV charging in multifamily communities, EverCharge knows all the struggles they face. Issues with shared parking spaces, little available power, no extra wall space a more common than most think, and there are not many solutions to overcome them. Most EVSE suppliers simply ask tenants

How Many Chargers Does a Community Need?

Let's face it, we are in a charger shortage. There is no way around it, public charge stations are outnumbered 15-to-1 in the US and DC fast stations are outnumbered a staggering 135-to-1. EVs are hitting the roads in continually higher numbers and as Tesla has a planned 400,000

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