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The Easiest Ways to Increase EV Adoption

December 13, 2017


EVs, Charging, EverCharge, California, China, HOV lane, incentives

California has already made a proven model of success when it comes to EV adoption one that's been copied the world over (especially in China). So what can other states do to give EV adoption a jump start?

What Happens When Electricity Is Dirt Cheap?

November 28, 2017


EVs, V2G, Renewable Energy, Solar, Wind

Each new year has seen the average cost per kWh decrease and we are currently on track to see prices as low as 1¢/kWh in the near future. So this begs the question what happens when electricity is dirt cheap?

Don't Worry About Losing The EV Tax Credit

November 09, 2017


California, EVs, Government, Bolt, Tesla, Model 3

While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act tries to repeal the EV tax credit, a multitude of factors allow the EV industry to zoom forward

Why Oil and Gas Are About to Die

October 18, 2017


EVs, Government, EV Sales, Europe, Electric Cars, China, Start Ups

The writing is on the wall for the Oil and Gas Industry. Tesla is destroying performance records and setting new standards on automotive pre-orders. General Motors has released its first long-range EV to rave reviews, every major automotive manufacturer staked a claim to commit to building multiple new EVs, and

Owning An Electric Car in an Apartment is Difficult But It Doesn't Have to Be

More than a quarter of Americans live in an apartment or condo, and nearly all of them will have a hard time owning an electric car. But why? Most buildings are already nearing power capacity or have already reached it, meaning no new electrical infrastructure can be added without costly

3 Reasons The EV Charging Station You Need Already Exists

There is a lot of press surrounding EVs lately, with the recent (and award-winning) release of the Chevy Bolt to the upcoming release of the hotly anticipated Tesla Model 3 it's easy to see the excitement around this newly formed industry. However much excitement and intrigue, a significant portion of

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