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Does China Have an EV Charging Shortage Looming?

February 01, 2016


China, EVs, Charging, Chevy, GM, Tesla, Chevrolet, Faraday, Faraday Future, Public Charging

It's hard to imagine that only a decade ago that the Chinese auto market was a distant 3rd behind the US and EU. Today it is the largest car market on Earth and that doesn’t look to change any time soon. However, such rapid growth has left Chinese cities

Building the Future of EVs: CES and Beyond

January 11, 2016


EVs, Chevy, GM, Tesla, Chevrolet, Faraday, Faraday Future, FF, Concept Cars

The Consumer Electronics Show has always been the gateway to the near future (or pseudo-future depending on who you ask). The hottest startups and established electronics makers converge in Las Vegas to showcase what’s just around the bend for our homes, offices and lives. While this year brought us

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