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The Future is Electric and it's in China

August 22, 2019


China, Innovation, Tesla, USA, BYD

China's lead in the race to secure the future of the auto industry is nearly assured. Considering that five years ago China's EV industry was all but non-existent, this is an amazing turn of events.

California Continues to Drive EV Adoption

February 19, 2018


California, EVs, Government, EV Charging, Innovation

Few realize that California's ZEV mandate that kicked off the groundwork for China's new EV industry and was copied nearly word-for-word.

Public Charging Isn't the Key for EV Adoption, Its Charging at Home

EVs have always needed a public charging network, not for every day driving but for those weekend road trips where 300 miles of range just won't do. While all of this great news it is not what most EV drivers need.

EVs Are Here to Stay, Now What?

Electric vehicles reached a worldwide total of 3.2 million electric vehicles. EVs now make up over 1% of the global vehicle market it goes without saying that EVs are clearly here to stay.

Can Autonomous Rideshare Save Cities?

From it’s “humble” beginnings in 2009, Uber changed the transportation landscape by introducing a luxury transportation that was more widely accessible. Instead of waving down a cab or calling ahead of time, you simply order a car when you needed it and it arrived shortly after, the beginning of

In Just Under Seven Minutes, NIO Proved EVs are Here to Stay

May 18, 2017


NextEV, Tesla, Concept Cars, Electric Cars, Innovation, NIO

If it wasn't obvious yet it should be now, EVs are here to stay and will overtake the entire auto industry. In a mere 6 minutes and 45.90 seconds, NIO broke the famed Nürburgring test track single lap record. Leaving in its dust Lamborghini, Porche, Nissan, Mercedes, Dodge, and

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