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EV Charging For Dummies

What are the differences in charging levels? Level 1 - Plugging a vehicle into a 110V outlet (an ordinary wall outlet like you would plug your phone into), is the slowest option for charging. In a Nissan Leaf, you would get about 4-5 driving miles per hour of charging. Given

Are We Heading For an EV Disaster?

With the Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt gearing up for release, EVs now have their sights squarely set on the mainstream consumer. Tesla’s Model 3 announcement took over 300,000 reservations in under a week. While this is great news for Tesla, EV enthusiasts, and the planet in

The Missing Link Between Smart Cities and Autonomous Vehicles

Get ready you are about to step into the future. It wasn't that long ago that self-driving cars appeared as science fiction, something that we could only dream about. Yet, here we are, about to see entire fleets of them on city streets. Not only will these vehicles be all-knowing

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