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EVs are Proving Their Worth Thanks to Climate Change

August 27, 2020


EVs, Renewable Energy, Tesla, EV Sales, Climate Change

With California wildfires raging, Hurricane Laura ripping through the south, and another hottest summer on record around the corner its time that we push renewable energy and electric vehicles into the forefront.

Electric Vehicles Deserve Better

December 16, 2019


Electric Vehicle, Tesla, EVs

With Tesla continuing to ride hide on the back of the Model 3, gobbling up 77% of total EV sales in November, the logical questions are why are the other automotive OEMs failing to gain any market share and how can they stop Tesla's dominance?

The Future is Electric and it's in China

August 22, 2019


China, Innovation, Tesla, USA, BYD

China's lead in the race to secure the future of the auto industry is nearly assured. Considering that five years ago China's EV industry was all but non-existent, this is an amazing turn of events.

EVs Are Facing a Supply and Demand Problem

July 20, 2019


Tesla, Electric Vehicle, Hyundai, Kona

Electric vehicles have proven to be a successful segment in the auto market, consistently eating into the margins of traditional gas powered vehicles, but after this past its become increasingly clear that EVs are facing a serious problem when it comes to supply and demand.

EverCharge Goes to the Moon 12.5 Times and Counting

January 06, 2019


EverCharge, in-home charging, Tesla, Apartments, 2019

How many miles were driven on the EverCharge network, and we were astonished to find out that we've been to the moon and back over 12 times or just over 5 millions miles!

Tesla Created the Perfect EV Blueprint, Other Manufacturers Should Follow Suit

April 17, 2018


Tesla, Supercharger, Public Charging, Proche

If this sounds familiar thats because its ripped straight Tesla's playbook and Porsche is right to copy the EV industry leader. After all Tesla has laid out the perfect blueprint on how to succeed selling EVs.

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