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How China Is Driving The EV Market

July 27, 2016


EVs, EVSE, EV Charging, China, USA, Innovation, in-home charging

Electric vehicles are here to stay, but with US gas prices staying historically (and questionably) low, many would-be EV buyers have stuck with internal combustion. The everyday consumer seems to be waiting for that magical day in 2018 when Tesla rolls out the first Model 3. We won’t really

LA's Massive LED Energy Savings Leads to Major EV Waste

Recently the City of Los Angeles made the switch to LED bulbs in nearly all of its 4,500 miles of roadway. A huge undertaking that cost $57 million but has seen a major drop in energy usage saving the city 60,000 metric tons of CO2 each year. Not

The Missing Link Between Smart Cities and Autonomous Vehicles

Get ready you are about to step into the future. It wasn't that long ago that self-driving cars appeared as science fiction, something that we could only dream about. Yet, here we are, about to see entire fleets of them on city streets. Not only will these vehicles be all-knowing

China’s Pollution is Fueling EV Innovation

January 05, 2016


China, EVs, Innovation, Venture Capital, Beijing, USA, Start Ups

Combined with rapid industrialization and a fast-growing economy, China has a pollution problem that is nearly out of control. Plaguing Beijing’s everyday, smog and dust particulates at times get so thick that a noxious fog rolls throughout the city. Air quality is hitting never-before-seen lows, prompting Beijing officials to

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