Today, 88 Million Americans live in multi-tenant properties.

When one of these resident wants EV charging they have to jump through several hurdles just for a chance to get setup for charging. Unfortunately, despite the many joys and benefits of EV, this fact often turns many away from make the decision to drive electric.

If you're one of these individuals you’d know to get EV charging in a multi tenant property you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Find a licensed, insured contractor
  • Obtain installation quotes
  • Obtain a city permit
  • Submit request to your HOA/Property owner
  • Educate board members
  • Attend HOA meetings
  • Complete architectural drawings/submission
  • Obtain insurance. In California this requires naming the HOA as additionally insured
  • Manage the installation

Often this process takes weeks, even months to complete. Now with a plethora of new EV’s coming on the road over the next 24 months, accommodating all model types and price ranges, what will happen when thousands, and soon millions, of residents start requesting common area power?

Quickly, if not immediately, the building will be out of common area power. Often buildings only have 1-4 circuits of available capacity before panels are maxed leading to addition of sub panels and/or transformers to access additional 208v power.

With the complexity of obtaining approval and the limited access to power how will you as a resident or property owner overcome these obstacles?

EverCharge overcomes these obstacles by providing a fully managed solution coupled with Power Management technology enabling buildings to increase charging capacity by up to 10x.

Let EverCharge handle the entire process for you. Contact EverCharge to learn more about how we can make EV charging at your property possible.