Over the past six years EverCharge has gone from a small startup operating out of a garage to an EV industry leader. While our competition has raised hundreds of millions in new investments we've steadily gained more and more of their business. In fact EverCharge is the industry leader for electric vehicle charging at multi-tenant properties like apartments and condos. Our solution is especially valuable in densely populated areas where access to power is limited. We've helped buildings of all sizes bring affordable charging stations to their residents and allow them to scale with ease.

“No one else can do what EverCharge does and without them I would not have been able to keep my Tesla.”

1. Service

While our industry leading technology far surpasses that of our rivals the true key to our success has been a focus on service and is something thats consistently cited by our customers as the main reason they switched to EverCharge. Working with EverCharge means your building never has to worry about billing, maintenance, installs, permitting, electricians, site designs etc. One call to EverCharge and thats it, we'll take care of the rest. This seems like a simple solution, but its something that no one does better than EverCharge.

2. Technology

Speaking of technology did we mention we are the industry leader in this aspect as well? Our SmartPower technology allows buildings to scale the number of charging stations to meet their needs. EverCharge believes in a one-to-one charging ratio, one charger for one car, meaning no one has to share if they don't want to. Just taking a look at some of our case studies highlights just how flexible and expandable the SmartPower system is. We've taken buildings that were told they needed $100k in electrical system upgrades and easily added the stations they needed for a fraction of the costs.

3. Savings


Our technology not only allows our customers to scale with ease, but it also saves them thousands of dollars in the process. How? SmartPower is just that, its truly smart. Among other things, it understands weather charging stations are plugged in or not, how much power is needed, where its needed most, and how to properly allocate that power in the most efficient way. By doing this we avoid all of these unnecessary infrastructure additions that costs tens of thousands of dollars. In essence SmartPower simple uses power to its maximum efficiency.