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Business Objective

AMPAC Fine Chemicals (AFC), a subsidiary of SK Pharmteco, is a US-based manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, known for its innovative solutions and high-quality products. It provides fully cGMP-compliant manufacturing from laboratory to commercial scale. AFC's headquarters in Rancho Cordova, California employs 531 people with a parking capacity for roughly 360 cars.

AFC was looking for a long-term EV charging partner that shared their vision of sustainability and could help them scale without a costly electrical infrastructure upgrade. AFC was acquired by SK Group in 2019 and began working with EverCharge shortly after its acquisition by SK in March 2023. Both companies are part of SK’s multi-billion dollar investments in climate and pharma tech in the US, and align with SK’s commitment to fostering sustainable manufacturing and business practices for a healthier planet.


EverCharge deployed a comprehensive charging solution that included the installation of 13 strategically placed Level 2 (L2) charging stations across AFC’s headquarters. The implementation was designed with future expansion in mind, allowing for easy and efficient scalability.

By monitoring energy usage in real time and using EverCharge’s SmartPower technology to intelligently balance the charging load across all charging stations based on the unique needs of each vehicle, this solution helps minimize the risk of electrical overload and optimize overall energy consumption.

Furthermore, the EverCharge system provides user-friendly access control and a cardless option that allows employees to plug in and draw power, free of charge.


The collaboration between AFC and EverCharge resulted in a positive charging experience and reduced wait times for AFC employees and visitors, and helped promote optimal energy consumption and efficient charging. What’s more, this initiative has enabled AFC’s People team to add a sought-after employee benefit
 to its overall benefits program, contributing to employee satisfaction.




Business objective

Sustainability initiative to reduce carbon emissions; total cost of deployment (TCD)-optimized, scalable EV charging

Turnkey vertically integrated solution and installation of 13 charging stations at business HQ

Positive contribution to cost and operational efficiency, employee satisfaction and brand image 

We have complete,
 real-time visibility into
 the performance of
 our EV charging stations and are able to see
 how EverCharge’s SmartPower technology
 is helping us optimize energy consumption at every moment.”

James Louderback, Senior Buyer, AFC

This solution not only helps us optimize our ongoing costs and operations,
 it also helps improve employee satisfaction
 and position us as a leader in sustainable practices
 in our industry. It’s a 
 win-win for our operational efficiency, employees,
 and our company at large.”

James Louderback, Senior Buyer, AFC


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