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Business Objective

Sharon Park is a 5-building luxury condominium complex in Menlo Park, California.
 As new occupants replaced existing residents in the 64-unit building, the demand for EV charging grew. With the nearest public charging station over a mile away, Sharon Park’s HOA realized the need for a practical, accessible EV charging solution for current and prospective residents.

Not only would this increase convenience for current owners, but an EV upgrade would also increase each unit’s property value. With county incentives available
and a large grant won from Peninsula Clean Energy, the time was right to invest in EV charging.


A volunteer resident and active EverCharge user championed EverCharge for its reliability, responsiveness, and user-friendly interface. Sharon Park HOA liked that EverCharge offered a turnkey solution, from planning and deployment to ongoing maintenance. With limited building staff, the fact that EverCharge could handle subsequent monitoring and billing for each individual’s electricity use was a big advantage over competitors.

We designed a custom solution that effectively addressed the complex’s power constraints, and resulted in increasing the number of charging stations they could install tenfold. This solution also minimized infrastructure and utility upgrades, cutting total project costs by allowing them to pull power from other areas of the building for EV charging.

From planning to deployment and customer support, Sharon Park HOA only had
to partner with one vendor — EverCharge. The simplicity of this structure was extremely important to a volunteer-managed project of this scope.


Sharon Park HOA increased the number of EVSEs from 6 to 64 in just 4 months after work began, with minimal impact to residents and minor board or property management involvement. With the government incentives, they were able to recoup 80% of project costs in one month.

Not only did this improve the residents’ satisfaction, but it also garnered new interest from prospective owners and tenants. In fact, within a few months after project completion, Sharon Park has welcomed new occupants thanks to their dedicated EV charging program.

Today, each condo unit has 2 assigned parking spaces, one of which now has an EVSE. While the charging stations are the property of the HOA, each unit has its own dedicated charger in close proximity to its site location.

In a testament to the complex’s success with the project, the Peninsula Clean Energy Company now refers EV charging incentive program applications to Sharon Park’s HOA board members for insights and recommendations on EV charging implementation.


Business Objective
Accommodate current and future demand for accessible on-site
 EV charging

Leveraged government incentives to bring EverCharge’s turnkey, customized solution to residents

Increased EVSEs from 6 to 64 within 4 months with minimal infrastructure upgrades and recouped 80% of project costs
 in 1 month, while enhancing the complex's reputation

We knew it was important to bring EV charging to our community but didn’t want to be in the business of EV charging. EverCharge has been very responsive and gone above and beyond when we had questions. As a result, we’re able to focus on our core responsibilities and keep our residents happy at the same time

— Maria Straatmann, Resident Volunteer Project Director, Sharon Park Homeowners Association


Sharon Park Outcome

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