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Located in Potrero district of San Francisco, the Homeowners Association of a 165-unit property faced a dilemma of providing a scalable, affordable electric vehicle (EV) charging solution to residents of the property. When traditional solutions didn’t fit the needs or budget of the community the property turned to EverCharge - the only solution designed specifically for residents of multi-tenant buildings making EV charging at home possible. When the property management company first researched installing infrastructure to support EV charging requests within the two garages they found the costs to be prohibitive. Initial suggestions were to bring in new service resulting in costs upwards of six figures to support dedicated EV charging in resident spaces. The property then investigated the concept of community charge stations by reclaiming spaces designated to the facilities team and reassigning others. In the end there simply were not enough parking spaces to designate for community EV charging.


EverCharge provided dedicated EV charging stations installed directly in the residents’ parking space by connecting to common area power with no need for meters or submeters. EverCharge recognized available electrical capacity in the electrical room however the existing house panel was out of breaker space. Therefore, EverCharge advised the installation of a 200 amp EV sub panel to provide power for charging. With EverCharge SmartPower technology the building was now able to support up to 20+ vehicles from the sub panel.


Once the first installation was completed EverCharge immediately received additional requests for stations. The building infrastructure savings were massive and the savings grow everytime a new resident signs up. These residents would have the opportunity of EV ownership due to the building limitations for at home charging. 

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