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Charging Basics

What is EVSE?

EVSE stands for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment and refers to any off-board equipment used to supply energy to vehicles. This can include cords, wall-, pedestal-, or pole-mounted charges, and the different outlets and plugs that make up the circuit.

What types of EV adapters does EverCharge provide?

SAE J-1772 Connector: This is the standard plug type for EVs in the United States, and can connect directly to most EVs manufactured for the North American market after 2000. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) developed this connector standard, and though not required, most vehicle manufacturers have adopted this connector type.

EverCharge Basics

What are some of the benefits of EverCharge?

EverCharge makes charging in condos and apartments easy by navigating the complexities of EV charging regulations, permitting, approvals, capacity limitations, and property reimbursements EverCharge handles everything:

Fully managed service: On-going insurance, support, maintenance and automated billing services at no cost to building management or association.

SmartPower Technology: EverCharge intelligently manages buildings power to maximize your infrastructure potential by up to 10x.

Read more about SmartPower

How does EverCharge work?

Our charging stations connect to readily available common area power in a building. This enables us to easily scale throughout the garage for additional users by consolidating conduit and wire.

Using access cards, our charge stations monitor electricity consumed by residents. Monthly members are billed for the amount of energy used, and quarterly we fully reimburse the property for energy consumed by EV charging.

Proprietary SmartPower technology intelligently allocates power among chargers via a wireless network. This enables us to rapidly charge more vehicles and support up to ten times as many chargers. All without costly building infrastructure upgrades or recurring costs to the HOA or building owner.


Cost of installation

Installation costs are determined by an onsite evaluation. Existing electrical infrastructure, distance from the electrical room, and complexity determine the variable installation costs.

Lowering Installation Costs

Installing multiple chargers at the same time can significantly decrease per-unit installation costs. In cases where a building requires infrastructure upgrades (such as a new panel or transformer), we can work with the interested residents and the HOA to distribute the costs appropriately. EverCharge is happy to assist with surveying residents to better understand the interest within the community.

Since every building is different, the best way to get started is to contact EverCharge, so we can get started on the quote process today.

Install location

All EverCharge chargers are installed directly in the owner's personal parking space for their exclusive use. A building that has multiple EverCharge customers will all use the same power source, but are still able to charge directly from their own space.

Access is granted to each charger by a personal ID card, exclusive to each customer.

We have several customers who live in buildings with valet or unassigned parking, and in these cases we work directly with the building to ensure that every resident still has 24/7, exclusive access to a charger.

Who installs EverCharge stations?

An insured and licensed electrician.

Required permits

Installation of EV charging in common areas of a residential or commercial building requires an electrical permit and final inspection by the city. A city permit provides a description of the installation, outline of the electrical infrastructure, account address, workers compensation declaration, and more.

EverCharge handles the entire time-consuming application and inspection process for city permits.


Cost of service

We offer the lowest rates of any service provider. We provide $1,000,000 liability insurance, all maintenance, 24/7 lifetime support and billing services. Hourly rates are determined by your building’s rate schedule. Contact us for details.

Automatic Billing

Customers have the option to set up autopay – on your first bill you will see instructions to do so on our customer portal.

Questions about your bill?

If you ever have any questions about your bill, please contact us at 888.342.7383.

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