EverCharge combines unmatched technology, industry leading
expertise, and unparalleled cost savings.

The Perfect Solution for EV Charging at Any Location

EverCharge maximizes existing building infrastructure to make adding EVs easy and affordable.


Maximize Existing Infrastructure

Our SmartPower load management technology maximizes existing building infrastructure by intelligently allocating power where and when it's needed most

Lowers Install Costs

With SmartPower load management, expensive infrastructure additions are unnecessary

Where You Want It

EverCharge can install more charging stations in any given location, so every vehicle can have dedicated charging

in Action

SmartPower provides efficient charging for all vehicles by leveraging the fact not all vehicles charge at the same moment in time and do not constantly require maximum draw during a charging cycle.

SmartPower always works to get the most vehicles charged as quickly as possible, freeing up capacity. The best way to think about SmartPower is to visualize one charging station with many outlets.

Mesh Network

The charging stations communicate over a completely wireless mesh network built directly into our hardware. No cell repeaters, WiFi, ethernet cables, gateways, or control units are required. EverCharge's SmartPower platform uses this robust connection to facilitate on-site load management, data uploads, remote management and software updates.

  • No additional hardware required
  • Simplifies install to reduce cost
  • Designed to support multi-level garages
  • Connectivity in any parking space
  • Works in harshest underground environments
  • Supports multiple 4g connections
  • Provides redundancy for maximum uptime

Charging Station

  • Level 2 EV Charging
  • Designed and manufactured by EverCharge
  • Integrated on-site load management
  • Access control & Remote updates
  • Integrated safety disconnect for cost-effective install
  • CTEP, Energy Star, OpenADR and UL certified
  • Integrated wireless mesh network
  • J1772 or Tesla connector options
  • ISO 15118 Support
  • Supports recurring and mobile payments
  • Certified energy metering with automated billing
  • 48 Amp(11.5 kW) or 80 Amp(19.2 kW) power output
  • Made in America

Whole Building Load Management

SmartPower connects at the main panel to monitor the total electrical load in a building. The hardware communicates with SmartPower-enabled charging stations to instantaneously utilize additional available electrical capacity for vehicle charging. By dynamically adjusting charging output based on available building power, faster charging speeds are achieved while significantly increasing the total number of charge stations that can be supported in any situation.

CTEP Certified Energy Metering

CTEP certification is required for all charging stations (EVSE) that handle billing of any kind.* This certification requires charging stations to meet the high levels of energy metering accuracy to ensure transparency throughout the billing process. EverCharge believes that transparency is key to a great end-user experience.

What it comes down to is the drivers are able to accurately reimburse the buildings they are drawing power from.

  • First EVSE to receive CTEP certification
*CTEP certification required in California as of January 1, 2021 for all new charging stations accepting payment

A Garage With and Without EverCharge

Scale as Needed

A Garage With and Without EverCharge

Using SmartPower Technology, EverCharge intelligently charges vehicles, optimizing existing building infrastructure to support more stations at any location.

Cars at different states of charge reach 100% throughout the day

Extensive Analytics

Cars at different states of charge reach 100% throughout the day

As an all-in-one solution, EverCharge allows for in-depth analysis on every charge station giving our clients unmatched data analytics to understand vehicle and user needs. EverCharge provides a tailored solution to meet your needs.

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