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EverCharge Unveils Its Endurance Program as Part of an Ongoing Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Sustainability

March 29, 2023


Palo Alto, Calif. (March 29, 2023) – EverCharge, a leading provider of large-scale electric vehicle (EV) charging devices and management systems, today formally announced its ten-year Endurance Program. As part of EverCharge’s commitment to sustainability, the program guarantees access to the necessary components to maintain EverCharge’s commercial Level 2

Future-Proof Your Business With $2.5 Billion in Federal Funding for Community EV Charging Infrastructure

March 17, 2023


Over the past two years, the federal government has allocated billions of dollars in funding to electric mobility and clean transit technologies. One of the most notable commitments is the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), which allocates a total of $7.5 billion to build out a nationwide network of 500,

SmartPower: How EverCharge is Building the EV Charging Network of the Future

March 16, 2023


The transition to electric mobility is one of the biggest economic and social shifts in our lifetimes. It’s about much more than how our vehicles are powered – it requires us to rethink over a hundred years worth of fueling infrastructure and technology. As EVs enter the mainstream and sales

EverCharge and PassKey Partner to Develop Battery Energy Storage Systems to Solve for Lack of Sufficient Energy at EV Charging Locations

March 02, 2023


The collaboration is designed to offer a unique solution to the complex issue of powering locations with limited electricity Palo Alto, Calif. (March 2, 2023) – EverCharge and PassKey, subsidiaries of SK Group, the South Korean conglomerate, are partnering to develop a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to supplement EverCharge’s

What California’s Statewide EV Charging Incentive Program Means for the Future of Multi-Family Charging

February 14, 2023


“Communities in Charge” is California’s light-duty electric vehicle infrastructure incentive project, designed to rapidly deploy Level 2 (L2) EV charging stations in support of a more equitable, accessible, and clean energy future. The program’s spotlight on L2 charging, as opposed to the high-cost DC fast charging that the

EverCharge Announces Comprehensive Suite of Services to Enhance and Streamline the Process of Hosting Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

February 09, 2023


Palo Alto, Calif. (February 9, 2023) – EverCharge, a leading provider of large-scale electric vehicle (EV) charging devices and management systems, today announced the launch of its end-to-end suite of services to simplify the cost-analysis, deployment, and management of its EV charging systems. For nearly a decade, EverCharge has been providing

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