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Company Overview

EverCharge provides fully-managed hardware and software electric vehicle (EV) green fleet/clean fleet charging solutions with real-time, dynamic, and intelligent load management technology, SmartPower, built directly into the charging stations.

By more efficiently managing power, SmartPower reduces the total cost and complexity of EV charging installation and ongoing management – while dramatically increasing the number of stations that can be supported.

  • Nationwide Service
  • UL Certification
  • Fleet Management Tools
  • Usage Analytics and Reporting
  • System Prioritization and Demand Response

EverCharge Fleet & Energy Services

Reliability-First Architecture

Reliabilty-First Architecture

Localized communication reduces multiple points of failure

SmartPower operates on a wireless mesh network, using onsite control and command for all stations to reduce infrastructure complexity.

Save Money

Save Money

EverCharge facilitates 400% more stations per $1M

By intelligently allocating power based on real-time usage, EverCharge eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades – installing more stations at a lower cost.

Scale as Needed

Scale as Needed

Charging capacity of a garage with and without EverCharge

EverCharge’s SmartPower Technology optimizes existing building infrastructure to support more stations and allow for future scalability as needed.

Extensive Analytics

Extensive Analytics

Vehicles at different states of charge reach 100% throughout the day

As an all-in-one solution, EverCharge’s Charge Management System (CMS) provides customers with unmatched data analytics to understand vehicle and user needs.

SmartPower Technology

SmartPower allocates power in real time based on what each vehicle needs.

SmartPower Means Smart Charging







Static, preset

Dynamic, demand based



Dedicated to EV charging infrastructure, allocating power between a set number of charging stations on one circuit

Allocated to EV charging infrastructure, with ability to allocate power from multiple circuits as well as unused equipment anywhere in the building



Relies on a single access point in cellular network, which increases failure rate

Self sustaining, not reliant on a single access point, which signi
ficantly increases reliability



Exposed to unnecessary costs and energy overcapacity fees

Lowers risk of unnecessary costs and energy overcapacity fees



Difficult; requires complex and costly infrastructure upgrades

uick and easy scaling built into technology without expensive infrastructure upgrades



5 Stations

20+ Stations



30 Stations 200+ Stations


Charging Management

EverCharge's Management Tools enable organizations to be entirely hands off or provide granular controls to manage charging schedules, charger, or vehicle prioritization and more with real time reporting.

Administrative Dashboard

GLANCE, our all-in-one Charge Management System (CMS) for managing and operating your EverCharge systems, enables your team to view real-time charging data and reporting without integrations or expensive third-party hardware.

System Administration
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Customized Alerts
  • Access Control Management
Demand Response
  • Full-Building Load Management
  • Load Shedding
  • OpenADR Support
System Integrations
  • Vehicle Management and Charging Scheduling
  • API Access
  • OCPP Device Support
Vehicle Telemetry
  • Oversight and Control over Fleet EVs
  • State of Charge, Tracking and Resetting
  • Business Operations Optimization

Platform Integration

Integrate charging into your existing platforms through a robust set of APIs enabling customization and control of your EV fleet.

Charging Station
Charging Station
All Locations
All Locations
Load Management

Set charging output limits to minimize or avoid additional utility demand charges, or to prioritize
off-peak charging. When implemented throughout the entire site, additional underutilized electrical capacity can be leveraged.

User Management

Manage business and personal use charging with access control and billing prioritization.

End-to-End Customer Service

Expert Support

Our team assists customers through ROI calculations, sustainability benefit impacts, site assessment, design and deployment to meet your operational requirements and determine the best solution for your budget.



Getting Started

Obtain information
and understand needs


Site Evaluation

Identify electrical capacity and review existing infrastructure


Design & Approval

Present custom proposal and installation options



EverCharge is installed


Ongoing Support

Our team is there from start to scale


Your Partner For Every Step of the Electrification Journey

Since 2013, EverCharge has specialized in dynamic, real-time, and intelligent load management technology that minimizes the total cost and complexity of installation and management while maximizing the number of charging stations that can be installed. In 2022, EverCharge was acquired by SK Group, South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate, as part of their multi-billion dollar investment in U.S. energy solutions and sustainable technologies.

The vertical integration of EverCharge’s business model across engineering, manufacturing, and technology deployment allows EverCharge to develop tailored solutions specific for our customer’s needs.
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