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How to Maximize EV Charging Capacity & Minimize Electrical Upgrades


If you’re wondering how to install more EV charging stations without costly electrical infrastructure upgrades, this webinar is for you. The secret is how your system manages power allocation.

When it comes to maximizing your EV charging capacity, not all load management solutions are created equal. In fact, what most EV charging companies call load balancing is really just load splitting.

There’s a difference. A big one. 

We’ll show you how to get the most out of your power with smart load balancing, so you can maximize the number of EVs that can charge while reducing the need for costly electrical infrastructure upgrades.

Join us to learn:

• How smart power management is different from traditional approaches
• How it is possible to install 200+ stations on 1200A power, while traditional solutions can typically only support around 30
• How it can help you solve electrification-related business problems
• How you can leverage it beyond EV charging to save even more money and get even more operational efficiencies (hint: for example, minimize or avoid additional utility demand charges)



Noel Newton

Territory Manager



Leo Ashner

Solutions Engineer


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