Multi-Family Properties

Charging for Condos & Apartments

The only fully-managed EV charging solution designed for multi-family residential communities.

Maximize Existing Infrastructure With SmartPower

Our SmartPower™ load management technology intelligently allocates power where and when it's needed most, eliminating the need for costly electrical upgrades

Wireless Mesh Network

The SmartPower wireless mesh network enables seamless hardware communication. No need for repeaters, WiFi, cables, gateways or control units.

Lower Install Costs

SmartPower responds to real-time vehicle demand, reducing or eliminating the need for additional electrical infrastructure.

Ready To Scale

SmartPower makes it possible to install more charging stations in any given location, making it simple to grow your EV footprint.

Start to Finish, We'll Lead the Charge.

EverCharge provides a suite of services that help simplify the cost-analysis, deployment, and management of EV charging systems.

Infrastructure Analysis

Property operators are often unclear if their electrical infrastructure is sufficient for EV charging.

Our EASY analysis provides an onsite analysis and report of electrical infrastructure and capabilities.

Installation & Deployment

Working with property operators, we'll establish deployment timelines and goals.

ROLL-OUT services provide turnkey deployment and management of the EV charging system installation from start to finish.

Support & Maintenance

Charging vehicles is a business critical need. We make sure that you can depend on it.

Our UPTIME services handle network management, support, billing and system maintenance.

Data & Analytics

Monitoring the usage and performance of your EverCharge system can provide valuable insights for property operators.

With GLANCE, our Charge Management System (CMS), property operators can view charging data and reporting without integrations or third-party hardware.

GLANCE Charge Management System

Take control of your business’s energy use and optimize business operations with GLANCE™, our all-in-one software platform for managing and operating your EverCharge systems.

System Administration

  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Customized Alerts
  • Access Control Management
  • Demand Response

  • Full-Building Load Management
  • Load Shedding
  • OpenADR Support
  • Data and Logistics

  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Vehicle Fleet Integration
  • API Integrations
  • Vehicle Telemetry

  • Oversight and Control over Fleet EVs
  • EV Registration, Tracking & Resetting
  • Business Operations Optimization
  • SmartPower Technology

    Bringing dynamic, real-time, and intelligent power management to electric vehicle charging.


    Whole Building Load Management

    Combine monitoring of EV and non-EV equipment for holistic load management, resulting in smarter allocation of power to optimize energy and deployment costs.

    Extensive Analytics

    View in-depth analysis on each site, charging station, vehicle and driver, providing insight on your needs and system performance.

    Sustainability & Efficiency Metrics

    Monitor key sustainability metrics including CO2 Reduction, Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credits, Fuel Cost Savings and more.

    API & Platform Integration

    Robust APIs give your organization the ability to integrate with your existing software ecosystem.

    CTEP Certified Energy Meeting

    AS the first EVSE to be CTEP certified, EverCharge meets the high levels of energy metering accuracy to ensure transparency throughout the billing process.

    This allows drivers to accurately reimburse the buildings they are drawing power from.

    CTEP certification required in California as of January 1, 2021 for all new charging stations accepting payment.

    EV02 EV Charging Station

    Features smart, flexible charging technology designed for the needs of fleets and multi-family properties

  • Integrated Wireless Mesh Network
  • Dynamic Load Management
  • Charges Any Electric Vehicle
  • Future-Ready Properties

    Install Savings

    EverCharge dramatically reduces install costs by maximizing current infrastructure

    Increased Property Value

    The availability of EV charging stations increase value and tenant appeal

    Easily Scalable Systems

    With EverCharge SmartPower technology, adding new charging stations is simple

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