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Maximize new business to you, through fully-scalable SmartPower technology.

Bringing new business to you, through fully-scalable SmartPower technology

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EverCharge is the right solution for multi-tenant buildings. We offer the only fully managed, scalable solution for EV charging and made things easy by providing on-going maintenance, support and billing services for every customer.

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What makes EverCharge different?

Tesla Preferred

Tesla Motors preferred EV charging solution


Intelligent technology allows for less infrastructure and more customers


No need for meters or submeters


Owners charge in their own parking space


Add vehicle capacity as demand grows

How we work with you

  • Properties are introduced to EverCharge

  • EverCharge's preferred electrician (you) conducts on-site evaluation

  • You create customer installation quote

  • EverCharge works with HOA and customer to get approval

  • Installation is completed by you

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Let us know that you’re interested. Then we’ll respond with detailed information on how our solutions work.

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We’ll make sure to add you to our database of preferred electricians. When we get leads in your area we’ll notify you.

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Continued Success

We want to be part of a team with all of our electricians. That’s why we offer extensive insight and training, as well as full-time dedicated support. Our goal is to bring you as many new customers as possible because when you win, we do too.

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