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Intelligent power management that distributes power in real time based on what each vehicle needs, enabling you to install up to 10 times more charging stations on your existing infrastructure, while minimizing costly electrical upgrades.

With our patented technology, you can maximize the utilization rate of your charging infrastructure and avoid overbuilding it, while making the charging experience efficient.

Data Connectivity


Our unique approach to network design enables you to eliminate data connectivity barriers, reducing installation cost, time and complexity, while improving reliability and simplifying scaling. Keep vehicles charging even when the cell network goes down.

Data Connectivity

Advanced Infrastructure


Our one-of-a-kind technology stack enables us to design and implement a simple and efficient infrastructure that’s ready to scale with demand, while minimizing the need for infrastructure upgrades.

Leveraging what you already have, we can add up to 10 times more charging capacity depending on your unique charging scenario.




Our flexible technology design, and integrated approach across hardware and software enable us to create use case-specific hyper-customized solutions. From providing special load management behaviors to custom pedestal designs, we have delivered advanced, one-of-a-kind solutions to some of America’s largest fleets.

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OCPP over the Cloud


Our innovative OCPP implementation provides new levels of flexibility, diagnostics and troubleshooting for EV fleet charging by allowing fleet operators to use third-party cloud-based charging station management systems (CSMS) and still benefiting from ongoing, reliable hardware support when they install EverCharge EVSEs.

Benefits of EverCharge Technology

  • Maximizes your infrastructure use
  • Enables up to 10X more charging outputs
  • Lowers electrical capacity requirements
  • Reduces your total cost of deployment
  • Improves charging system reliability
  • Scales efficiently with demand
  • Streamlines & optimizes EV operations
  • Helps optimize energy usage

Case Studies


Find out why some of America’s largest fleets, workplaces, and condo and apartment complexes trust EverCharge technology.

Case Studies

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