To start off the New Year right we thought we'd share some personal news with everyone. After we closed out 2018 we decided to take a look at just how many miles were driven on the EverCharge network, and we were astonished to find out that we've been to the moon and back over 12 times or just over 5 million miles! Whiles that is great news for us its even more indicative of the times were are in and how the electric vehicle revolution is now underway.



Its pretty easy to nitpick numbers apart if you really want to and thats why we decided to write this post. EverCharge only began tracking this metric back in 2016 and something rather striking is starting to become clear in the numbers. Every year the numbers of miles driven on our network has nearly doubled to the year prior. Now this may be down to people driving more, however this can be easily weeded out as our miles driven number neatly coincides with our customer base. Simply put, people aren't driving more, more people are driving EVs.

Can we expect these numbers to double again? The pragmatic answer is we will have to wait and see. However, judging by the number of EV models available to the general public, the continued increase in sales, and the overall sentiment towards driving electric we can and should expect this trend to continue forward. In 2019, the EV industry isn't solely reliant on Tesla to power it through. While the big red giant will still be the driving force, many other startups and established OEMs are rolling out serious competitors to the Model 3. Competitors that, I may add, are very different and could provide the push many need to get in.

Again, its easy to pick apart these numbers and dismiss them as mere early adopters, but what we've found is far more telling and obvious when you really break it down.

What Came First, The EV or the Charger?


The EV industry has always faced a very simple chicken or the egg problem. People wanted to buy and EV but were waiting for a charger and on the other side OEMs were waiting for people to buy EVs before they started to make any in real numbers. Tesla certainly proved once you build a charging network people will flock to your product. The problem, however, continues to persist as while the Supercharger network is great for road trips and emergencies people still should have a charger at home. For those living in apartments or condos this was a big problem that EverCharge solved.

The real striking thing about our findings is once we proved that individuals could get their own charging stations easily and affordably they would buy an EV. In fact the more time that goes on the more people in a given building start to buy EVs and in fairly large numbers. We fully expect this trend to continue especially as more OEMs become serious about electrification.

So the question is, will your next car be an EV? If you live in an EverCharge building the answer is most likely, "YES!".