EverCharge Multi-Vehicle EVSE
There is no getting around it, installing electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) more commonly known as EV chargers, will typically cost you between $1,000-$5,000. Its completely unavoidable as the cost of electrical wiring and an electrician's time really don't vary all that much.

Don't let this deter you though, having an in-home charger is well worth the cost in the end. Although many of the costs are set, there are some ways you can save money to make sure your costs stay as low as possible.

Time and Distance

Unsurprisingly, the distance from your parking space to the closest electrical source determines just how much you're going to spend. Its simple math really, electrical wiring costs around $20-$25 per foot and the further you have to wire, the more its going to cost. Ensuring your space is close to the electrical room or electrical breaker will certainly keep costs low.

In addition to the distance, the further you get from the electrical room the higher the odds are that you'll start running into some obstacles like concrete barriers, pillars, walls, even the floor and ceiling in some cases need to be run around or bored though in order to get wiring to your space. Once these costs start getting tacked on the price starts going up fast.

EverCharge On-site Installers

If you're in a pinch and know your spot is too far from the electrical room, you're not totally out of luck. EverCharge chargers can pull from any available power source provided its big enough, like garage door openers or even some lighting rigs, so we don't always need to run wiring all the way to the electrical room, saving you money in the process.

Working Smarter Not Harder

EverCharge Smart Chargers

Distance might be the first big cost, but if you're not using smart chargers cost per foot might be the least of your worries. The reason? Most parking structures were never designed to power our vehicles and don't have the available power to pull from. You might be able to add one or two chargers initially (in a multi-tenant facility) but once the electrical capacity is reached getting just one more charger can cost upwards of $100K+.

If that's shocking to you (excuse the pun) it shouldn't be. Adding additional electrical infrastructure can get extremely expensive, very rapidly and it all depends on a litany of different variables. The only thing you can count on is that is going to cost, a lot.

"Once the electrical capacity is reached getting just one more charger can cost upwards of $100,000 or more"

Using smart chargers, like ours, makes the most of the existing electrical infrastructure, meaning in places that could only support one or two chargers we can support 10-15. We do this by intelligently managing the power and sending it where and when it's needed most maximizing the current infrastructure and saving you tens of thousands on install costs.

For a full write up on how this is possible check out our SmartPower page here.

Make The Most of Incentives

US EVSE Incentive Map

Even though EverCharge can save you a lot of money, your state or local government can help a lot more.

Right now many states are offering incentives (tax breaks and grants) on the purchase of EVs and EVSEs, sometimes in the thousands of dollars. These incentives can cover everything from the purchase of the vehicle itself all the way to high-priced level 3 rapid charging systems, it really just depends on the state and situation you are in. If your state does offer these incentives collecting on them might be difficult or confusing, but not to worry that's where we come in.

EverCharge operates nationwide and has install experts on staff that can help you make the most of local, state, and federal EVSE incentives helping you keep more money in your pocket.

EVSE installs are typically very difficult and time-consuming, but EverCharge makes getting in-home charging easy by handling everything from permitting and inspection to on-going service and 24/7 support. From being to end we handle everything.