Tesla Superchargers No Longer Free

You may have heard by now but as a refresh Tesla will no longer provide free charging on their Supercharger network. While you could rush out and buy one right now, according to the fine print you'll need to take delivery before April 1, 2017 (a fitting day, no?). What this really means is most future Tesla orders are out-of-luck and it certainly means any Model 3 reservees will not be getting anywhere near lifetime free charging. Before you turn around and give up your space in line you should know something.

If you were thinking about relying on the Supercharger network you were already sorely mistaken. Tesla Motors and Telsa owners alike have touted that while the Supercharger network is nice its far from an ideal scenario. Even though it's the fastest charge you can get it still takes 30 minutes to bring an empty battery to 80%. Add in the amount of Teslas queueing up and you might have quite the wait on your hands.

So what are some ideal scenarios? Well, that's what we are here to discuss.

Charge Up At Home

Getting your own Supercharger might be a bit much (and extremely expensive) but getting an EV charger at home isn't. While you will only be able to get Level 2 speeds (empty to full in 8 hours) its more than enough for Tesla owners, and for EV owners in general for that matter. In fact, most EV drivers only have to charge between 2-4 hours at night to achieve a full charge. What this really means is that anywhere your car is parked for 4+ hours is an ideal place to charge up, but we'll get to that in a bit.

EverCharge Charging Solution

You also can't beat the convenience of having your own charger right in your parking space. Why drive around trying to find a place to plug in when you have one right at home? While you come home cook dinner, watch TV, and fall asleep your car is charging back up ready to go for the next day.

Tesla Motors Agrees, An In-Home Charging Solution Is The Best Case Scenario

Getting charging at home for multi-tenant facilities like apartments and condos might be difficult, but that's where we come in. Our EV charging solution is the perfect fit for these scenarios and allows every driver the ability to have their own charger installed directly in their space, so no one has to deal with sharing a community charger.

Or At Work

While having charging ready and waiting at home is great its not the only place you can get a charge. Remember that little tidbit about anywhere a car is parked for more than 4 hours is a good place for charging? Well, a great place for that is work. Like most you probably work at least 6 to 8 hours a day and my guess is your car probably doesn't move too much in that time, making workplace charging a great alternative to the Supercharger network.

One drawback though is currently most workplaces still don't offer this amenity to their employees, but that may be changing. Recently many states have offered grants and/or tax breaks to employers to install EV chargers offsetting some of the cost. The other slight drawback here is workplace is always a first come, first serve environment meaning if you show up and all the chargers are occupied you may have to figure out a new plan.

Using EverCharge once again resolves the issue of not enough chargers as our solution is the only one that can true scale with the grow of EVs. Whenever more chargers are needed our system can add them without the costly additional expense of adding more electrical infrastructure. While it may not mean much to an EV driver, the company will certainly be far more willing to add when costs are low.

The Public Menace

Public Charger Problems

It would be foolish to not discuss public charging networks. After all many believe that this is the proper solution to the EV charging conundrum. However, public networks are severely outnumbered 15-to-1 in the US. Couple that with the fact that the majority of chargers are Level 2 and the picture starts becoming a bit grim.

If Tesla superchargers which are roughly 10x as fast as a normal Level 2 charger are already overburdened you can expect other public networks to fair just the same. Besides, do you really want to spend your time waiting around at a shopping mall or grocery store for 4 hours every day? My guess is no.

Though the free supercharger is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, you do have a few options that make the most of your Model 3.