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California Continues to Drive EV Adoption

February 19, 2018


California, EVs, Government, EV Charging, Innovation

Few realize that California's ZEV mandate that kicked off the groundwork for China's new EV industry and was copied nearly word-for-word.

The Easiest Ways to Increase EV Adoption

December 13, 2017


EVs, Charging, EverCharge, California, China, HOV lane, incentives

California has already made a proven model of success when it comes to EV adoption one that's been copied the world over (especially in China). So what can other states do to give EV adoption a jump start?

How Utilities Can Help The EV Industry

While electric vehicles have Big Oil running scared, public and private electric utility companies are chomping at the bit for EVs to become mainstream.

Don't Worry About Losing The EV Tax Credit

November 09, 2017


California, EVs, Government, Bolt, Tesla, Model 3

While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act tries to repeal the EV tax credit, a multitude of factors allow the EV industry to zoom forward

Here's How Every City Can Go All-in on Electric Cars

EVs are headed to the forefront of the automotive industry. Every automotive manufacturer is scrambling to release multiple EVs in the coming years and some countries are attempting to outlaw internal combustion vehicles entirely. However, is 100% electric even possible?

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