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Why EverCharge is Perfect for Apartments and Condos

As the market leader in EV charging in multifamily communities, EverCharge knows all the struggles you face.

How EverCharge Makes EV Charging for Condos and Apartments Easy

January 03, 2018


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More than 90% of EV drivers agree that home is the best place to charge an electric vehicle. Single-family home owners can simply install charging in their garage, but if you live in a condo things start getting tricky.

EV Charging For Dummies

What are the differences in charging levels? Level 1 - Plugging a vehicle into a 110V outlet (an ordinary wall outlet like you would plug your phone into), is the slowest option for charging. In a Nissan Leaf, you would get about 4-5 driving miles per hour of charging. Given

Owning An Electric Car in an Apartment is Difficult But It Doesn't Have to Be

More than a quarter of Americans live in an apartment or condo, and nearly all of them will have a hard time owning an electric car. But why? Most buildings are already nearing power capacity or have already reached it, meaning no new electrical infrastructure can be added without costly

What Makes EV Charging in Apartments So Difficult Anyway?

As you may have heard Tesla is attempting to tackle the problem of EV charging in apartments and condos. This past year I have made little secret of that fact that EverCharge is the industry leader in this space and we couldn't be happier about the news. We have spent

EverCharge Closes $1.4MM Seed Round

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- SAN FRANCISCO Oct 5, 2015 -- EverCharge the leading smart electric vehicle (EV) charging provider for multi-tenant properties, announced today a seed investment of $1.4 million led by hardware-focused venture fund Bolt. The financing will be used to fund EverCharge's continued national expansion and for

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