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Public Charging Isn't the Key for EV Adoption, Its Charging at Home

EVs have always needed a public charging network, not for every day driving but for those weekend road trips where 300 miles of range just won't do. While all of this great news it is not what most EV drivers need.

EV Chargers Need To Solve Problems, Not Create New Ones

January 17, 2018


EverCharge, EV Charging, Charging Station, EVSE

The largest issue that prevents people from buying EVs is access to a charging station. Adding more complexity for the sake of additional features is becoming a troubling trend.

The rEVolution Explained

May 10, 2017


EVSE, Tesla, China, Europe, USA, EV Charging, Model 3, EverCharge

We’ve already talked about how China is leading the charge in the future of EV, but now we are starting to see the rest of the globe following suit. Almost daily, stories are coming out about more car companies joining the electric vehicle revolution, creating better batteries, and decreasing

The Future of Mobility - Ultra-Rapid Charging

Continuing our look at the rapidly changing mobility landscape (you can read our previous installment about wireless charging here) we decided to see the feasibility of ultra-rapid charging. The real question is, do we need it? Charging is consistently the throne in the side of the EV market. While current

The Future of Mobility - Wireless Charging

March 22, 2017


EVs, EV Charging, Mobility, Electric Cars, Wireless Charging

Even though the EV market is starting to heat up, it's important to note that we are just at the beginning of a new wave of mobility. Is wireless charging a reality or just futuristic pipe dream? Starting with wireless charging, this will be an on-going series looking at each

China is Now Dominating the EV Market

February 02, 2017


China, EV Charging, EverCharge, Electric Vehicle, EVs, Charging Station

The last few months have been a whirlwind of news and, not surprisingly given world events, some things have slipped through the cracks. However, throughout 2016 China has quietly been dominating the EV market and now we have the numbers to prove it. In recently released numbers, China can now

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