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Electric Vehicles Have a Charger Problem, But Not The One You Think

In this year alone we have seen multiple new EVs come to market from the likes of Nissan, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Tesla, Hyundai, Kia, and Audi. In spite of all this EVs still face the same issue they always have, access to charging.

How Smart Chargers Save Customers Time and Money

EverCharge does a lot to help your building get the most out of its existing infrastructure, easily saving customers thousands on installs, but it does a lot more.

California Continues to Drive EV Adoption

February 19, 2018


California, EVs, Government, EV Charging, Innovation

Few realize that California's ZEV mandate that kicked off the groundwork for China's new EV industry and was copied nearly word-for-word.

EVs Are Here to Stay, Now What?

Electric vehicles reached a worldwide total of 3.2 million electric vehicles. EVs now make up over 1% of the global vehicle market it goes without saying that EVs are clearly here to stay.

How EverCharge Makes EV Charging for Condos and Apartments Easy

January 03, 2018


EV Charging, Condominiums, Apartments, EverCharge, smartpower

More than 90% of EV drivers agree that home is the best place to charge an electric vehicle. Single-family home owners can simply install charging in their garage, but if you live in a condo things start getting tricky.

How Utilities Can Help The EV Industry

While electric vehicles have Big Oil running scared, public and private electric utility companies are chomping at the bit for EVs to become mainstream.

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