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How To Save Money on EVSE Installs

There is no getting around it, installing electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) more commonly known as EV chargers, will typically cost you between $1,000-$5,000. Its completely unavoidable as the cost of electrical wiring and an electrician's time really don't vary all that much. Don't let this deter

How Do We Power Our EV future?

General Motors, Volkswagen Group, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Company, Tesla Motors, BYD, Kia Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan Motors have all committed to building multiple EVs over the next few years and that should tell you exactly where the auto industry is heading. This isn't a 'flash-in-the-pan' type fad that

Why EverCharge Was Named One Of The Best Automotive Startups

September 27, 2016


EverCharge, Level 2 Charging, EVSE, GM, Autonomous Car, Innovation, Fleets

*EverCharge was named one of the ten best automotive startups by LA AutoMobility (Source) The automotive industry is in a time of massive change. Fundamentally shifting their focus from gas-powered human operated vehicles to electrified autonomous driving machines. This is a massive leap forward for an industry that has remained

Why Are We Asking For Public Chargers?

According to a recent study 97% of short range EV drivers (read: everything but a Tesla) do all of their charging at home or work, where available. So why is there a huge push among non-EV drivers for a larger public network? Public networks are expensive to build out especially

Is Multifamily Housing The Forgotten EV Market?

June 06, 2016


EVs, EVSE, EverCharge, EV Charging, multifamily

As the market leader in EV charging in multifamily communities, EverCharge knows all the struggles they face. Issues with shared parking spaces, little available power, no extra wall space a more common than most think, and there are not many solutions to overcome them. Most EVSE suppliers simply ask tenants

How To Get Every City To 100% Electric Vehicles

May 24, 2016


EVSE, Charging Station, Smart City, EVs, EverCharge

EVs are headed to the forefront of the automotive industry. In fact, every automotive manufacturer is scrambling to release an all-electric vehicle in the coming years and some countries like the Netherlands are attempting to outlaw internal combustion vehicles entirely. However, is 100% electric even possible? The short answer is

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