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Turns Out EVs Cost Far Less Than Their Gas Counterparts

October 12, 2020


EVs, Solar, EV Charging, Renewable Energy, EV Sales

Electric vehicles have been saddled with some pretty big myths over the past decade all of which have been proven time and again as false. Now a new study has emerged that proves EVs are far cheaper to own than that of a gas powered alternative.

EVs are Proving Their Worth Thanks to Climate Change

August 27, 2020


EVs, Renewable Energy, Tesla, EV Sales, Climate Change

With California wildfires raging, Hurricane Laura ripping through the south, and another hottest summer on record around the corner its time that we push renewable energy and electric vehicles into the forefront.

How Converting Old Buildings to EV Ready is Easy with EverCharge [CASE STUDY]

July 01, 2020


EVs, Charging, EverCharge, case study

The majority of Americans who live in multifamily housing, typically reside in older buildings that simply don't have enough available power to support an EV charger.

Electric Cars Are Already Killing Off Big Oil... In China

August 02, 2018


China, EVs, Electric Vehicle, Oil, Buses

China has plowed ahead toward a renewable energy future ear-marking at least $360 billion in annual investment by 2020. China has quickly taken the lead in the electric vehicles market currently owning 40% of EVs on the road.

EV Adoption Hits The Accelerator

May 31, 2018


EV Sales, China, EVs, Electric Cars

After years of overestimating the market it seems that EV adoption has finally started to take off, and the market is accelerating faster than ever

Yes, Electric Cars Are Clean and Getting Cleaner

May 15, 2018


Renewable Energy, EV Charging, EVs, Electric Cars

Electric cars get an extremely high volume of naysayers. Originally, electric cars were seen as slow, short-range, small and impractical. As each of these complaints have fallen by the wayside those same naysayers have scrambled to find some reason that electric cars should be put to pasture.

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