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EverCharge Goes to the Moon 12.5 Times and Counting

January 06, 2019


EverCharge, in-home charging, Tesla, Apartments, 2019

How many miles were driven on the EverCharge network, and we were astonished to find out that we've been to the moon and back over 12 times or just over 5 millions miles!

Electric Vehicles Have a Charger Problem, But Not The One You Think

In this year alone we have seen multiple new EVs come to market from the likes of Nissan, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Tesla, Hyundai, Kia, and Audi. In spite of all this EVs still face the same issue they always have, access to charging.

Public Charging Isn't the Key for EV Adoption, Its Charging at Home

EVs have always needed a public charging network, not for every day driving but for those weekend road trips where 300 miles of range just won't do. While all of this great news it is not what most EV drivers need.

EVs Are Here to Stay, Now What?

Electric vehicles reached a worldwide total of 3.2 million electric vehicles. EVs now make up over 1% of the global vehicle market it goes without saying that EVs are clearly here to stay.

How Utilities Can Help The EV Industry

While electric vehicles have Big Oil running scared, public and private electric utility companies are chomping at the bit for EVs to become mainstream.

5 Myths About Electric Cars Debunked

When looking at the latest auto news it's nearly impossible to escape electric cars. The fact is the industry is changing and electric cars are the catalyst. With some major cities looking to ban gas vehicles (and the entire nation of China), most automakers have announced plans to create more

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