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5 Myths About Electric Cars Debunked

When looking at the latest auto news it's nearly impossible to escape electric cars. The fact is the industry is changing and electric cars are the catalyst. With some major cities looking to ban gas vehicles (and the entire nation of China), most automakers have announced plans to create more

3 Reasons The EV Charging Station You Need Already Exists

There is a lot of press surrounding EVs lately, with the recent (and award-winning) release of the Chevy Bolt to the upcoming release of the hotly anticipated Tesla Model 3 it's easy to see the excitement around this newly formed industry. However much excitement and intrigue, a significant portion of

The Future of Mobility: Long Range EVs

As we continue looking at the changing mobility landscape, you can read our previous installments about wireless charging here and here we decided to peer into the future of long range EVs. How much range do we truly need? Quite a lot has been made of EV driving ranges, specifically

What does 300 mile range really get you?

August 24, 2016


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Why You Need To Stop Worring About Range

Is range anxiety the scourge of EV drivers everywhere? The answer, in short, is not even close. Sure you'll hear the odd story from someone who bought a first generation Nissan Leaf and stress out every day driving home from work about being able to make it, but those stories

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