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Can Autonomous Rideshare Save Cities?

From it’s “humble” beginnings in 2009, Uber changed the transportation landscape by introducing a luxury transportation that was more widely accessible. Instead of waving down a cab or calling ahead of time, you simply order a car when you needed it and it arrived shortly after, the beginning of

Autonomous Electric Taxis Are Changing The Auto Industry

October 11, 2016


Autonomous Car, Uber, Lyft, GM, Smart City, Charging Station, Volkswagen

It seems like a futuristic fantasy, something ripped straight from the pages of Science Fiction, but believe it or not self-driving taxi cabs are already on city streets. While it may be some time before we see this en masse in every major city, these vehicles are going to fundamentally

Smart Cities Need Smart Governments

Right now we are in a moment of disruption, nearly every industry is up for grabs as a wave of new technological developments crash down on long-standing establishments. In all this new growth, government oversight has failed to keep up. The bottom-line: for cities to truly become smart, government has

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