Today is National Intern Day, a day to appreciate the contributions interns have made in helping shape the future of companies and industries. This year, EverCharge brought on five talented individuals for a summer of hands-on experience in their respective fields. We sat down with them to learn more about what inspired them to join EverCharge, their favorite aspects of our team, and their advice to future EverCharge interns.

Meet Our Interns

Philip Barven, Software Engineer Intern
Philip is a senior at Minerva University majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. In addition to learning common tasks of a DevOps engineer, he’s been spending time strengthening system monitoring. Philip's favorite aspect of EverCharge is the autonomy and sense of empowerment he feels to take on new projects and challenges in areas he’s passionate about. He also appreciates the openness and supportiveness of his colleagues, particularly his manager, who make it easy to seek help whenever needed.

Lucas Efcavitch, Hardware Engineer Intern
Lucas, an electrical engineering major at Seattle University entering his senior year, joined EverCharge due to his belief in the bright future of the EV charging industry. His primary task this summer is ensuring the quality of EverCharge’s solutions by conducting daily product testing. For Lucas, the most rewarding part of his internship is being immersed in the exciting and dynamic world of electric mobility, as well as being a part of EverCharge’s mission-driven culture.  

Andy Min, Embedded Engineer Intern
Andy is a sophomore at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign studying Computer Engineering. He closely collaborates with the hardware, electronics, and cloud software teams to develop software for our charging stations. He advises future EverCharge interns to seize the opportunity to broaden their knowledge by interacting with professionals from various teams.

Patrick Salsbury, Data Engineer Intern
Patrick, a senior currently pursuing a degree in Data Science at UC San Diego after completing his Associates Degree in Computer Science, primarily focuses on analyzing device data. Patrick's favorite aspect of EverCharge is the relaxed office atmosphere, complete with friendly interactions and visits from office dogs.

Sonal Suralikal, Marketing Intern
Sonal is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University, pursuing a major in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Statistics. As an EV driver herself, Sonal resonates with the ongoing challenge of finding reliable, convenient charging, and she chose EverCharge to become a part of the solution to a problem she faces personally. Sonal works on a variety of projects, including conducting keyword research for Google Ads, analyzing search ad performance, and assisting in content creation.

Cultivating Future Talent: Meet EverCharge's 2023 Summer Interns!

Our interns have brought a new wave of talent, diversity, and perspective to our organization, and their contributions will continue to make a lasting impact. As they return to school in the next couple of weeks, we’re wishing them all the best and looking forward to hearing about how they’ve applied the skills they’ve learned this summer to their future endeavors.