Since 2013, EverCharge has been developing innovative EV charging solutions to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the transition to clean, electric transportation. From our start in solving multi-family housing and workplace charging dilemmas to revolutionizing fleet electrification services, EverCharge’s trajectory has been propelled by a drive to meet tomorrow’s needs, today.

Fast forward 10 years, and the EV charging market looks very different. EverCharge’s patented SmartPower technology and turnkey solutions uniquely position us to flourish in the evolving landscape. As EverCharge continues to diversify our offerings and accelerate our strategic growth, we are welcoming Taeho Kang, Vice President, Head of EV Charging at PassKey and EverCharge Board Member, as EverCharge’s interim CEO.

Kang led the acquisition of EverCharge by SK Group in March 2022, and has been a close partner and strategic advisor to the company. His instrumental role in spearheading EverCharge's transformative partnership with Avis marked a pivotal juncture in EverCharge’s history, propelling the company’s fleet offerings to new heights and positioning us as an industry trailblazer.

“Our focus remains on driving EverCharge’s strategic direction and innovation forward, while unlocking additional business opportunities, further elevating the customer experience, and fostering synergistic cross-industry partnerships to accelerate the company’s continued growth and expansion into new markets,” said Kang.

The Board has started the search for a new CEO to lead the company and ensure a seamless transition.