At EverCharge, we're committed to creating the smoothest transition to electric mobility by leveraging our innovative technology to overcome common challenges and inefficiencies.

One major inefficiency we're tackling in the EV charging process is the manual load study.

What’s a load study, anyway?

It's a crucial step to understanding a site's electrical capacity and usage before setting up a charging infrastructure. But historically, it's been a significant bottleneck. It meant extra expenses, scheduling challenges, and a series of time-consuming site visits. Plus, if you wanted to expand your charging infrastructure, you'd have to go through the whole process again with additional load studies and more site visits.

That’s why we decided to expand our energy management capabilities to include an automated load study. EverCharge’s automated load study capabilities will reduce the expenses and complexity involved in load studies throughout the initial infrastructure analysis and planning stage, offering customers a smoother installation process as well as a highly streamlined approach to ongoing maintenance and future expansion.

As part of EverCharge’s energy management services, the automated load study will minimize the time and frequency an electrician has to spend on-site and simplifies the infrastructure planning process. By continually monitoring key site energy data to create a comprehensive record of a site’s power consumption, the automated load study will enable customers to efficiently and accurately build out their charging infrastructure with future scalability in mind. And when it’s time to scale up, real-time data from the automated load study ensures a quick and cost-effective expansion.

With this addition, EverCharge's energy management offerings will now include both automated load studies and full-building load management.

As part of EverCharge’s full-building load management offering, SmartPower gives the site’s electrical equipment more intelligence, allowing it to sense when and where power is needed and supply it. For example, if a garage door isn’t in use, those 100 amps can be supplied to other equipment that is in use, like charging stations. When someone then needs the garage door to open, SmartPower will free up some of the power flowing to the charging stations and reallocate it to the garage door. With the ability to respond to demand changes and peak loads, SmartPower can tap into even more significant reservoirs of unused power. By doing so, EverCharge is able to install significantly more charging stations for our customers, compared to other charging systems – without the need for costly electrical upgrades.

These new inclusions to EverCharge’s holistic solutions offerings are all part of our commitment to an intelligent, data-driven, and cost-optimized approach to EV infrastructure planning, buildout, and scalability for our customers.