The transition to electric mobility is one of the biggest economic and social shifts in our lifetimes. It’s about much more than how our vehicles are powered – it requires us to rethink over a hundred years worth of fueling infrastructure and technology.

As EVs enter the mainstream and sales continue to skyrocket, the question remains: can the U.S.’s charging infrastructure keep up?

There’s a simple reason EV charging isn’t as abundant as everyone would like it to be. Our apartment buildings, our workplaces, and our infrastructure in general was not designed to power our vehicles. After a building’s power has been allocated to the lights, garage doors, and machinery, the majority of the energy has been accounted for – leaving little room to install charging stations. To bring in additional power, buildings are often confronted with a significant price tag, a number that would only continue to increase as more power and more stations are needed over time. This never-ending cycle of needing to constantly upgrade the electrical infrastructure isn’t sustainable or feasible.

Ultimately, the biggest problem isn’t the lack of power, it’s the lack of technology.

That’s where SmartPower, our dynamic, real-time, and intelligent load management software, comes in.

SmartPower has been a key pillar of EverCharge’s business model from the start, and has revolutionized the way our partners install and maintain their EV charging systems. SmartPower intelligently manages available power based on vehicle demand in real time.

SmartPower is integrated directly into EverCharge’s charging stations and operates on a wireless mesh network, enabling seamless hardware communication between each EVSE. This is a significant step above circuit sharing, which is a simple power allocation between a set number of charging stations on one circuit. SmartPower is the only system that can tie multiple circuits together, enabling dynamic charging allocations based on specific vehicle demand.

SmartPower capitalizes on available electrical capacity to distribute power in real-time. When a vehicle finishes charging or decreases its charging rate, the system instantly re-allocates power to other EVSEs. By more efficiently managing power, electrical capacity requirements are reduced – directly lowering EV infrastructure and installation costs while dramatically increasing the number of EVSEs that can be supported.

SmartPower: How EverCharge is Building the EV Charging Network of the Future

So yes, the answer is the U.S.’s charging infrastructure can and will keep up, thanks to innovative technology like SmartPower that is reshaping how we harness and allocate our existing electrical ecosystem.

If you’re interested in bringing EverCharge’s revolutionary SmartPower software to your property, we’re here to help – simply reach out to or give us a call at 888.342.7383 to get the process started.