Last week, leaders from across the transportation industry came together for the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo 2023 in Anaheim, California – the largest transportation and clean fleet event in North America. EverCharge had a sizable presence at this year’s ACT Expo, and our team connected with a wide variety of companies to showcase EverCharge’s game-changing electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions and discuss where the industry is headed. Over the four-day event, a number of themes emerged.

From Niche to Mainstream: EVs Are the New Normal

The main takeaway at this year’s ACT Expo was the exponential growth of the EV space. Last year, the event outgrew its location in Long Beach, CA with 8,000 attendees, and this year moved to Anaheim, CA to accommodate over 12,000 participants. This growth is indicative of the increasing interest and investment in EVs, both from consumers and industry players alike. From USPS going electric to Amazon partnering with companies like Rivian to deploy large-scale EV fleets, companies are investing in and promoting their electric offerings, and it's clear that EV fleets are rapidly becoming the norm, not the exception.

Charging Challenges and Opportunities

The buildout of a charging network is no longer a “chicken and the egg” problem – the vehicles are here, and we need the infrastructure to support it. Despite efforts to rapidly expand medium and heavy-duty electric truck charging infrastructure, companies are expressing frustration that charging stations are not keeping up with demand.

This is where EverCharge comes in. Our turnkey charging solutions are here to support the successful transition of fleets to zero-emissions technologies. We partner with companies like Motiv Power Systems to provide customer fleet depots with diverse and flexible power infrastructure to achieve their EV goals and commercial business requirements.

Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Truck Companies Have Products Shipping

Another theme of the event was the announcements from light, medium, and heavy-duty truck companies of their products coming off the lines and starting to ship to customers. Fleet operators are ready and willing to take them as fast as they are made. This is great news for the industry as a whole, as it means that there will be more electric vehicles on the road, reducing emissions and improving air quality – and EverCharge will be there to keep them charged.

The electrification of the fleets continues to experience rapid, exciting momentum, and it was great to see the continued acceleration on full display at this year’s event. We look forward to offering our innovative solutions at next year’s ACT Expo in Vegas.